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Wealth in Transition

Whether you have acquired your wealth through a lifetime of hard work or a sudden event, there comes a time when that wealth must be preserved, protected and grown to meet your retirement, philanthropic and estate planning goals. At Weinheimer Wealth Management, we have spent decades helping our clients successfully navigate such life and wealth transitions.

  • Entrepreneur in Transition:entrepreneur

    As they move into their 60s and 70s, many entrepreneurs begin to consider how best to transition into retirement while passing on their business to their children. In most cases, their paramount concerns are to:

    • Remain involved in the business
    • Create a secure retirement for themselves
    • Pass on the business to their children without paying unnecessary taxes
    • Leave a legacy for their favorite charity

    Weinheimer Wealth Management can craft a plan to meet their goals and more. Using the full $10.5 million in estate tax exemptions from the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 and a trust, a business exit strategy can be implemented whereby adult children can purchase the business without impoverishing themselves or depriving their parents of the capital they need to retire.

    The parent’s estate plan can be set up to include a provision for ongoing support of their favorite philanthropic organizations. Weinheimer Wealth Management also has the ability to work with grandchildren and future generations to educate them on the financial, philanthropic and business legacy they can expect to eventually receive.

  • Executive in Transition:executive

    Experienced executives nearing retirement frequently possess a significant amount of company stock and un-exercised stock options. Many of these executives are contemplating retirement and are concerned that they may be overexposed to his company’s stock, which could negatively impact their financial security.

    As key executives, many of these employees may not have the ability to sell shares freely on the open market, which handcuffs their ability to diversify their portfolios.

    By helping executives craft a plan for slowly exiting these positions, Weinheimer Wealth Management seeks to help their families:

    • Diversify their investment portfolios
    • Decrease investment risk
    • Create a sustainable retirement distribution plan
    • Pave the way towards creation of an estate and legacy plan

  • Inheritor in Transition:inheritor

    Following the death of an elderly parent, many baby boomers find themselves in the position of inheriting substantial estates worth millions of dollars. These baby boomers may or may not be aware of the size of their parent’s estate and many are unprepared to deal with the array of financial decisions that needed to be made following their parent’s funeral.

    When Weinheimer Wealth Management begins to work with baby boomers who have inherited substantial estates, many are still bereaved. In many cases, there is no need to rush into long-term decisions about how to handle a legacy and it’s financial, investment and risk management implications. Weinheimer Wealth Management can work closely with the estate’s attorney to manage the details involved in probate, including filing tax returns and paying bills.

    As the initial bereavement period passes, Weinheimer Wealth Management can craft a comprehensive wealth management plan that includes:

    • Funding a comprehensive retirement savings and distribution plan
    • Creating college savings strategies for children and grandchildren
    • Crafting tax-efficient estate and legacy plans
    • Formulating charitable giving strategies

    With these plans in motion, inheritors in transition can achieve peace of mind around using the assets they have been entrusted with wisely.

  • Retiree in Transition:retiree

    It’s a transition that everyone must eventually navigate. For baby boomers, many of whom identify closely with their professional identities, it can be a stressful financial and emotional change. While many successful boomers have accumulated wealth that is more than sufficient to sustain them in retirement and create a legacy for their families, they usually have little idea how that wealth should be preserved and distributed during the retirement years.

    Weinheimer Wealth Management can help couples nearing the transition to retirement to craft a retirement distribution plan that will:

    • Meet a family’s needs for short-term retirement goals such as purchasing a vacation home or traveling
    • Leverage all potential sources of income, including pensions, retirement savings and Social Security to provide a reliable, ongoing income stream
    • Create a plan to grow the retirement portfolio for future personal, estate planning and legacy needs

    By using this multi-disciplined approach to retirement distribution planning, Weinheimer Wealth Management can potentially neutralize the impact of longevity and provide the security for retiring couples that their resources will not only extend throughout their lives, but will also provide for their legacy planning